Dr. Kali on MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart Show

December 27, 2020

Dr. Cyrus appears as a panelist on the Jonathan Capehart Show on 12/27/20 to discuss trepidation with receiving vaccine due to (rightful) mistrust of medical establishment, as a Black person who is a doctor.

Interview: TIME’S UP Survey Shows Outsized Impact of COVID-19 on Women’s Mental Health.

October 30, 2020

Time’s Up Foundation.

Newsy Interview on depression during the pandemic

October 25, 2020

Video interview about impact of depression on millennials and young adults.

NowThis Viral Video: 13 Reasons Why Black People are Still Annoyed.

September 24, 2020

Circulated widely on twitter, facebook, instagram.

Featured on NPR's 1A Show with Jenn White

September 24, 2020

Pay, Promotions, and Workplace Equity During (And After) the Pandemic.

Part II Discussing Health Equity w/Ellen Pompeo

July 22, 2020

Conversation about health equity from perspective of a Black, Queer, Psychiatrist

Part I Discussing Health Equity w/Ellen Pompeo

July 22, 2020

Conversation about health equity from perspective of a Black, Queer, Psychiatrist

Featured on NPR's Science Friday

June 19, 2020

Comments on the global pandemic and how national protests are adding to the mental and emotional burden of taking care of others

Viral NowThis Video: Why BIPOC get covid and die from covid-19 at higher rates

June 5, 2020

Educational video viewed over 200,000 times across platforms using biology about the immune system and social science to explain how BIPOC communities have higher rates of immunocompromisation which increase their susceptibility to disease.

Viral NowThis Video: 13 Reasons Why You Should Pause Before Asking Your Black Friend How They Feel Right Now

June 5, 2020

Over 300,000 views across social media platforms. 13 reasons why white people should pause before asking black friends, colleagues, humans how they feel right now.  Reason number one is that, I don’t even know how I’m doing right now; how am I supposed to tell you?

TV Spot: Coronavirus House calls: A Battle of two viruses: COVID-19 and racism

June 2020

Expert Advice

TV Spot for Yahoo News: The Tale of 2 Pandemics

June 7, 2020

Offered Expert Advice

Quoted in SELF: How to Check in on Your Black Friends & Coworkers

June 2020

Offered Expert Advice

Weekly Video Series: Dear Dr. Kali How to the Avoid 'Rona Rage

March-May 2020

Each week, Doctor Kali Cyrus answers submissions anonymously on this video segment. If you would like to submit a question to Dr. Kali for consideration, please email

Dr. Kali Cyrus and Dr. Rob Davidson offer live rebuttal to Trump coronavirus briefing

Streamed live on Apr 20, 2020

Medical docs and Board Members of Committee to Protect Medicare respond live to Trump coronavirus briefing. 

From the Experts: How to Cope with Anxiety and Loneliness in the Age of Coronavirus

March 2020

Expert Advice

Animated Video: Doctor's Orders Vote Warren

March 2020

Short, animated infographic created as Warren supporter

Speaker at Time'sUP Convening on Pay Equity (Preceding Ashley Judd)

September 2019

Convening on Pay Equity , Dr. Kali Cyrus

February Coeditor for Franknews: Continuity of Care

February 2020

Deep dive into the local mental health system's discontinuity of care from the perspective of a mental health provider.

TimesUP Healthcare Founders' Friday

September 2019

TV Spot on Newsy: 1-2 Impact of Coronavirus and Police Force on Black People

June 2020

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Speaker at Yale School of Medicine: Leadership on the Frontlines from the Queerly Visible Medical Provider

March 2019

Invited Keynote for Inaugural "QMED" Conference

January 18, 2019

Published in Johns Hopkins CLOSLER

Advocacy does not have to mean changing legal precedents; it can also be taking a mentee out for coffee, giving feedback about your colleague’s stereotyping of a patient, or not patronizing restaurants with unfair wage practices.

Identities Should Be Additive, Not ‘Either/Or,’ Say Speakers

June 2018

Published in the Psychiatric News

The print and electronic news service of the American Psychiatric Association, is intended to provide the primary and most trusted information for APA members, other physicians and health professionals, and the public about developments in the field of psychiatry that impact clinical care and professional practice.

"The Psychiatrist with a Psychiatrist"

August 2016

Article published on

A platform named as the web’s top social media influencer in health care and medicine.

When Patients Hurt Us

January 2018

Opinion piece about patient harassment of medical trainees published in Medical Teacher.

Medical Education and the Minority Tax

May 2017

Opinion piece on minority physicians in academia published in JAMA.

When the Perpetrators are Patients

October 2018

Interview for AAMC on managing mistreatment of trainees by patients.

What it Feels Like When Your Identity is Heavy

May 2017

Reference to Minority Tax article in "the Cut"

Physician Shortage Spikes Demand in Several Specialties

November 2017

Interview for New England Journal of Medicine

Can You Boost Your Mental Health by Keeping a Journal?

September 2018

Interview for US News

Are Friends the Key to Happiness?

July 2018

US News

What to Expect From Your First Psychiatrist Visit

January 2018


Cyrus to become Director of Standardized Patients at YSM's Teaching and Learning Center

June 2017

News from the Yale Department of Psychiatry