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Through an integrative approach, I like to call "the triple threat," I give you the tools to begin the journey understand yourself in relation to others. 


"The Triple Threat" Approach

a sophisticated strategy to match the complexity of interpersonal dynamics.


informed by real-life experiences and my personal identity


informed by academic studies and uses difference as a learning opportunity


informed by psychological expertise that achieves attunement


Please note: I am not accepting new clients at this time.
Exclusive, one-on-one coaching services to help you navigate dynamics emerging from the interactions where difference leads to conflict. Coaching plans are individualized with flexible options for number of sessions, issue(s) of interest, and strategy for understanding the conflicts related to difference. 


The Dynamics of Difference workshop is customized meet your organization's needs. My workshops cover traditional DEI topics in a non-traditional way. I provide the opportunity to do more than check a box.


The workshops offer:

  • expert management of group dynamics by a board certified psychiatrist

  • collaboration with experts across various fields including but not limited to: law, medicine, finance, education, human resources, arts, humanities

  • specialized pre/post assessments of your organization's strengths & weaknesses with strategies for improvement 

Group workshops


We dove into issues that come up at work that we don’t always cover at work. [The sessions] allowed us to slow down and look at how we work as a company and see where everyone is coming from. We used a range of frameworks and tools that broadened our understanding of how our culture shapes the way we work.

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