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black, lgbtq-identified, cis-woman, with an invisible disability and years of formal and informal experience living, facilitating, and creating material about diversity dynamics.

Older millennial raised with old-fashioned child rearing techniques: 

​​Can bridge the communication divide between junior and senior dyads.

Lived in urban, suburban, and rural settings in Florida, South Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, Connecticut, D.C., Brazil, South Africa: 

Can recognize how regional differences can influence misunderstandings.

Identify as queer, in a relationship with a woman after a history of dating men:

Can comfortably discuss the nuances of sexuality and its implications.

Gender presentation is non-conforming, but identify as a cis-woman:

Can explain the terms “non-conforming” and “cis” to the novice.


Invisible, less severe disability but understand how physical limitations influence ability to succeed in career.

Former team sports athlete: 

Appreciate the value of discipline, working as a team to achieve goals, learning from mistakes in the past to succeed in the future.

Social Connector: 

Immense networking potential in Silicon Valley, Healthcare Industry, and Corporate law from relationships made at Universities like Stanford, Emory, University of Illinois, and Yale.

Lover of the 80’s: 

Appreciate neon, pastel polos, and fun.

Black and White

use of my difference as a practical tool for learning:

below is a graphic based on my demographics to discuss the impact of multiple identities and the concept of intersectionality


list of minority identities:

  • older millenial 

  • southern (grew up in florida, but raised by parents from south carolina)

  • identify as queer

  • identify as a woman, but with androgynous appearance

  • suffer from sleep disorder

  • athlete

  • lover of the 80s

  • intellectual pride

  • black skin but socialized in mostly non-black circles

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