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Private Practice

I am a board certified psychiatrist who combines creative thinking with evidence based medicine to meet the unique needs posed by each client. As a Black, queer, woman, my lens as a psychiatrist as is shaped by navigating society’s standards as an individual with marginalized identities. 

I offer medication management, psychotherapy, psychologically driven coaching, crisis management, and counseling. Whether your needs are immediate, short-term, or long-term in nature, I can help. 

My focus is in helping individuals from diverse backgrounds manage anxiety, depression, trouble reality testing, addiction, or insecurities too sensitive to discuss with loved ones. Whether you present with questions about gender & sexuality, coping with discrimination and injustice, or feelings that who you are is...wrong---I got you. I believe diversity comes in many forms and intersecting categories, however, my practice is limited to individuals over the age of 18. 

I do not believe that any one solution can address the unique challenges faced by each individual. I customize my approach for each client by applying multiple treatment modalities to be practical for the real-world. As a psychiatrist, I believe that medication is simply another useful tool in the box, not the only useful tool. 

I have experience working in community mental health, college and university counseling, and emergency and inpatient care. I am also an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry & Behavioral Services at Johns Hopkins. Currently, I offer services for individuals in the DMV area but am open to accommodating those living in other states during the coronavirus pandemic. 


Medication Management 
Short-Term Crisis Management 
Couples Counseling 
Racial Conflict Coaching

*Please note that I do not accept insurance. All payments will need to be made out of pocket. Documentation for reimbursement can be provided if needed but please confirm any terms of reimbursement with your insurance company in advance.  For more information on rates, please email me at

Still not sure?

Ask yourself, why not? Is this your first time in therapy? Have you had negative therapeutic experiences in the past?

Before we begin our relationship together, we have a 15 minute call to discuss fit and any concerns you may have before moving forward or any charges are incurred. 

My goal is to arm you with the ability to choose your own journey, rather than the one you feel forced to follow. 

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