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I use difference as a learning opportunity.

Talking about difference is already difficult enough, especially considering that what we hear, see, and interpret (if we have the ability to hear, see, and interpret) is different…

To make these conversations easier:

My approach incorporates different theories of how we hear, see, and interpret to learn…

My approach incorporates different methods of hearing, seeing, and interpreting information to learn…

My approach incorporates different disciplines as evidence to inform what we interpret…

Examples of Scholarly Approach

Approach to Design 
Approach to Dissemination
Approach to Theoretical Concepts

scholarly: Testimonials

Public Health

Pictured is the socioecological theory, link: Adapted from McLeroy, K. R., Steckler, A. and Bibeau, D. (Eds.) (1988). The social ecology of health promotion interventions. Health Education Quarterly,

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